d12f725 B Tasker Add trailing period master
7dd8d05 B Tasker Remove duplicated call
4bf2b2a B Tasker Update onion address
7e9dc35 B Tasker Correct typo
992641c B Tasker DNS-3 Update privacy policy to include details of…
cb424fc B Tasker DNS-3 Add DoT with ECS config settings
9e0af4f B Tasker Add XML sitemap and declare it in robots.txt
c85973f B Tasker Add Urllist.txt.
2a0ec6c B Tasker Add meta description, keywords and author to all …
86395ce B Tasker Inserting headers and clarifying about usage limi…
78759b0 B Tasker Add a non-abuse contact
e250186 B Tasker Fix link
700e74b B Tasker Update navbar to link to blocklist page.
d93ce53 B Tasker Add some blurb about the blocklists
b8b3300 B Tasker Move blocklist information to a dedicate page and…
1cb5fcc B Tasker Make clear the IP is a regional recommendation
0d9c26d B Tasker Add details of lists being used
e806d22 B Tasker Remove rate limit details from setup page and mak…
5284ba2 B Tasker Add a rough overview of features to index page
e99b7ce B Tasker Sleep more, screw up brackets less...
86433a2 B Tasker Add a README
6aaa1e7 B Tasker Update robots.txt
d376213 B Tasker Update privacy policy to include the GDPR lawful …
e2545fa B Tasker Add link to setup page to homepage
58f5d9c B Tasker That should be a link not an anchor
29d4ee5 B Tasker Remove Ad div
acf6926 B Tasker Update piwik ID, and insert anchor and hook for t…
51a5cb8 B Tasker Add missing CSS
370c7f2 B Tasker Ignore the google verification file
dc840e0 B Tasker Update links for ToS etc
e426cfa B Tasker CDN-26 Enable the service in use detection
d54ece9 B Tasker CSS tweaks to handle small displays better
fd49d2c B Tasker Add basic mock-up of functionality to detect whet…
8661249 B Tasker Make clear what the abuse contact is for
62ba66b B Tasker Update to add link to main domain policy for the …
0e89513 B Tasker First whack at writing the privacy policy
51181b6 B Tasker Note that QName minimisation is active
2bdd58b B Tasker Committing the basic page framework.
ff8e204 B Tasker Add basic template poached from recipebook
d20024f B Tasker Setting up repo