a2fc3ca B Tasker Adjust to respond specifically to request device.…
2bcaa17 B Tasker Update to match all
85e6b3b B Tasker Fix typo
e9f44ea B Tasker Block entire google-analytics zone.
ceeb986 B Tasker Add link back to repo
9f3207a B Tasker Update config file paths
eab8163 B Tasker Fix download and updateurls following the rename
de46e58 B Tasker Update greasemonkey links on homepage
ab33348 B Tasker Change filename extensions so that tamper/greasem…
e97e59c B Tasker Add a README
cc6f053 B Tasker ABP builder should pull in the latest lists
c95f7d9 B Tasker Revert "Cronjob should pull down any list updates"
406fd36 B Tasker Cronjob should pull down any list updates
b2e9be2 B Tasker Add the index page
e9ffe23 B Tasker Add the utility scripts
2a52f49 B Tasker Add the manually controlled lists of domains to b…
9e1e70b B Tasker Forgot I even had these. Track some greasemonkey …
7bb0f5f B Tasker The anti-amp scripts (from MISC-25) are served fr…
2a15ed7 B Tasker Ignore the fetched and generated lists