descriptionI've been running my own AdblockPlus/UblockOrigin list for a while, but wanted to start recording why certain domains were blocked. So moving into a repo for that purpose
last change
2437c7e B Tasker is used to try and inject 1s… master
f93ff67 B Tasker Reblock the Admiral Anti-block domains
307bfcd B Tasker Treating these as zones breaks pihole's regex mat…
5339a2b B Tasker Update the Admiral lists
d07b6f7 B Tasker Remove the admiral urls added in d98d406c4f5d38ce…
388f5d5 B Tasker pubexchange are a paid advertising network
e60eff3 B Tasker ADBLK-17 block *
8933fc9 B Tasker ADBLK-17 Block a new admiral anti-adblock domain
60e8b45 B ADBLK-16 Block push notifier
aa1f41a B Tasker Block MOL Anti-Adblock script
b63c865 B Tasker Block some related tracker domains. ADBL…
1668e90 B Tasker Block Ecosia's analytics (identified in MISC-35)
07b0870 B Tasker Analytics used by webbroadcast
f843286 B Tasker ADBLK-14 Block zone
2a06ac6 B Tasker ADBLK-14 Block
1fbf108 B Tasker Although the zone is blocked, lets be literal and…