descriptionI've been running my own AdblockPlus/UblockOrigin list for a while, but wanted to start recording why certain domains were blocked. So moving into a repo for that purpose
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5031940 B Tasker These are used for GDPR consent banners. master
8468515 B Tasker ADBLK-1 Block another Admiral domain - forecastti…
9e0212f B Tasker ADBLK-1 Block another Admiral Anti-Adblock domain
977c42a B Tasker Block zone
11263f3 B Tasker Another Admiral domain (ADBLK-1)
715b833 B Tasker claims to "MANAGE YOUR PROFESSIONAL, S…
db0c857 B Tasker Add some more "taken down" domains.
12eea23 B Tasker Add some more admiral domains. See ADBLK-1
bbfeda2 B Tasker Tbh, I'm amazed googletagmanager wasn't already i…
7cf6bac B Tasker Spot.IM bills itself as a way to
d98d406 B Tasker Hoze a bumch of their other domains too.
96e9583 B Tasker Another Admiral anti-adblock domain
f38ef3f B Tasker Blocking *
423a33d B Tasker Untrustworthy domain used by GoDaddy to quietly i…
9941b68 B Tasker Looks like have a new domain, block thei…
d5b24a9 B Tasker Despite the misleading domain name, seems to be u…