acf06f1 KSV Add explicit no-cache directive for bootstrap upd… master v2.4
718f65b KSV minor changes in PlayTV and WeebTV scripts
0f45082 KSV minor changes in metadata handling
7616505 KSV use dynamic timeout based on transfer speed inste…
aaabe8e KSV emulate flash player behaviour in case of invalid…
b6e5425 KSV simplify flv audio/video marker writing
ced8070 KSV added some more debug info
6b19ca5 KSV don't overwrite manifest entries in absence of bi…
78cb525 KSV fixed a regression in previous commit
6637c0d KSV handle server errors properly in WeebTV.php
73e1acf KSV move unrelated functions outside of f4f class
1e86a10 KSV treat all discontinuities in same way
f17e20e KSV download bootstrap only for selected quality
cbbad4a KSV handle curl failures more gracefully
4faa1e3 KSV rewrote whole logic of segment and fragment numbe…
cd28a49 KSV replace explicit casts with functions
44780bc KSV avoid url redirect for api calls
91043be KSV fix some really messed up timestamps by lousy ser…
952b89b KSV use auth parameter for bootstrap updates also
e001aee KSV minor cosmetic fixes
53990db KSV move options outside of cli class
8c6e02d KSV changes in setProxy function
84ddbe6 KSV fixed a bug with absolute url's
f5718c4 KSV improvement in cli class
b729f14 KSV improved performance of FlvFixer
55ee5ca KSV added explanatory message for encrypted streams
4a20208 KSV cosmetic rearrangement of functions
d7001df KSV check for rtmp url's in manifest
2ba80cf KSV join url's using separate function
3605839 KSV simplified WriteBoxSize function
5db5993 KSV minor optimization for previous commit
bc7874b KSV minor improvements in timestamp fixing code
6769169 KSV increase memory limit of script to 512 MB
2eeaea5 KSV added new option (fixwindow)
dff9f37 KSV improved detection of starting fragment
efd9efa KSV improved fixing of odd timestamps
d5c8ddd KSV update User-Agent to latest firefox version
70a223a KSV minor changes in available fragment detection log…
f8d988b KSV check for slash before joining url
679865b KSV improved handling of boxSize in case of some lous…
8e48f55 KSV fix only five consecutive non-monotonic timestamps
b34f7ab KSV improved fragment writing and discontinuity check…
b323aab KSV use more explanatory variable name in cli class
4094ba8 KSV minor improvement in renaming function
5c89a97 KSV write available fragments before resyncing
4b9c8e9 KSV remove some duplicated code
c518cf2 KSV fix script hanging in some specific cases due to …
f6c385c KSV avoid reprocessing of fragments
279f533 KSV remove data transfer speed limit
27b1f97 KSV use manifest hash as fragment name prefix + other…
f69cd5a KSV some minor fixes
fb5c942 KSV check for fragments not containing any audio/vide…
7f62a83 KSV stop all downloads before removing cookie file
38425cf KSV improved update switch behaviour
b6d77be KSV use play and duration switch for non live streams…
33e70d0 KSV use single check for cookies
a435287 KSV fixed wrong selected quality display bug
739d6bf KSV use named constant for invalid timestamps
98b0b9a KSV added update switch to easily update the script
bbc43df KSV added referrer switch to specify custom referrer
d395d28 KSV faster manifest parsing + other fixes
29bb961 KSV try to decode each fragment before saving it loca…
9360d78 KSV delete cookies after script execution
399f0a3 KSV improved handling of bootstrap updation
2e17941 KSV use stdout instead of stderr for piping of live s…
503862c KSV use consistent names for logging functions
1b428c1 KSV move default headers to seperate function
2362c09 KSV add http to manifest url if missing
3adf05c KSV added proxy switch to PlayTV and WeebTV
9188669 KSV use exit codes instead of die function
85ca245 KSV replace echo,printf,die calls with Message,Quit f…
6e771ab KSV don't use file counter when not necessary
762501f KSV minor cleanups for PlayTV and WeebTV
5b71e09 KSV use proper accept header for requests
06230f1 KSV improved detection of duplicate timestamps
c1ba9ba KSV update user-agent to Firefox 15
4d4d459 KSV proper calculation of total fragments for stopped…
e8d7a79 KSV minor cleanups for PlayTV and WeebTV
e818058 KSV some minor fixes
c86c5b1 KSV delete cookies also when delete option is specifi…
bf66f37 KSV added outfile switch + other minor fixes
8737782 KSV minor code fixes
3aa4851 KSV use filesize switch for non live content also
24dbaa7 KSV check for available media entries
82595fa KSV redirect debug output when play enabled + other m…
bd86542 KSV readd inadvertently removed header
7327e99 KSV several minor improvements
47222db KSV added play switch for dumping flv data to stderr
99b106b KSV minor code restructuring and cleanups
8aa6ad5 KSV improved resync logic for parallel live downloadi…
139f679 KSV use url normalization for manifest and bootstrap …
21a5b2c KSV don't limit parallel downloads for live streams
f87f9ae KSV minor cleanups in XXTEA class
23de6dc KSV use url instead of streamId for metadata selection
59fa09d KSV fix delete option to work with start switch
f58ae83 KSV increase bootstrap refresh interval
c3a31ff KSV some minor fixes
6e8225a KSV 1. normalize fragment url
9282b1b KSV missing bootstrapInfoId handling + other improvem…
6baed78 KSV use outdir option for live streams also