descriptionCollection of my scripts
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acf06f1 KSV Add explicit no-cache directive for bootstrap upd… master v2.4
718f65b KSV minor changes in PlayTV and WeebTV scripts
0f45082 KSV minor changes in metadata handling
7616505 KSV use dynamic timeout based on transfer speed inste…
aaabe8e KSV emulate flash player behaviour in case of invalid…
b6e5425 KSV simplify flv audio/video marker writing
ced8070 KSV added some more debug info
6b19ca5 KSV don't overwrite manifest entries in absence of bi…
78cb525 KSV fixed a regression in previous commit
6637c0d KSV handle server errors properly in WeebTV.php
73e1acf KSV move unrelated functions outside of f4f class
1e86a10 KSV treat all discontinuities in same way
f17e20e KSV download bootstrap only for selected quality
cbbad4a KSV handle curl failures more gracefully
4faa1e3 KSV rewrote whole logic of segment and fragment numbe…
cd28a49 KSV replace explicit casts with functions