a8ed0a6 Ben Tasker Merge pull request #3 from Wowfunhappy/patch-1 master
6f79390 Jonathan Recheck links after "more" button press
07f9bba Ben Tasker Bump version number in user-script metadata v1.4.1
217d5e8 Ben Tasker Revert "MISC-29 Add slightly snarky and very temp…
177f3b4 Ben Tasker MISC-29 Hacky hack fix to work around Google's be…
238f5e5 Ben Tasker Oops, change the name
91706cc Ben Tasker MISC-29 Create new greasemonkey script
5140017 B Tasker MISC-29 Add slightly snarky and very temporary if… v1.4.1a
354f2c3 B Tasker Update Greasemonkey hook to reference v1.4 v1.4
074b168 B Tasker MISC-29 Search for Canonical and trigger redirect…
6f69c02 B Tasker Adjust README
9701149 B Tasker Adjust script to only run once per page-load v1.3
939057e B Tasker Provide link to test page
9cc3c0c B Tasker Update README to reflect latest changes. Consider… v1.2
cfffdf4 B Tasker MISC-25 Switch to using TM/GM's require directive
a29be45 B Tasker Create README v1.1
cb974e1 B Tasker Ensure function returns after pushing redirect (M…
a07c098 B Tasker Add version information and download URL in
2c0b74a Ben Tasker Creates greasemonkey script for STGNG-7
c23ef39 Ben Tasker See STGNG-7
58ac0fb Ben Tasker Delay triggering of the checks
ae97676 Ben Tasker Implement initial version of AMP bypasser. See ST…
ab33698 Ben Tasker Initial commit