88fcc3c Ben Tasker Made upstream DNS server configurable master
be0a755 Ben Tasker Moved firewall rules into a custom chain to keep …
577098d Ben Tasker Modified process_rules to use Googles DNS when us…
c9ecc7c B Tasker Updated to use full paths - cron sometimes chokes
6db1451 B Tasker Updated Readme
2ea6a3d B Tasker Updated Readme
9e2c82f B Tasker Adjusted monitoring script to call process rules
2f15c68 B Tasker Made rules processing executable
d3e8d97 B Tasker Made routing by name executable
285259d B Tasker Fixed a few doy errors
0c53913 B Tasker Started rationalising rules processing
c0efb37 B Tasker Fixed issues with add routing by name adding DNS …
cf022f1 B Tasker Updated gitignore
3107c35 Ben Tasker Added License and Readme
bbeeda2 Ben Tasker Added beginnings of add by name script
55959ec Ben Tasker Added basic script to add a destination IP to the…
8d3f4ef Ben Tasker Created basic monitoring script
681544e Ben Tasker Excluded VPN config files from repo
d84e0d4 Ben Tasker Added gitignore