61e6942 Ben Tasker Added Double-blind indicator in preparation for P…
d0a7489 Ben Tasker Updating licensing statements. See PHPCRED-10 and…
044ecd7 Ben Tasker Updating version number, see PHPCRED-16
90304c0 Ben Tasker Updated license header in JS files. See PHPCRED-1…
b33c117 Ben Tasker Re minified JS ready for release. See PHPCRED-15
aa68c4c Ben Tasker Fixed issue with rendering of £ sign. See PHPCRED…
b126092 Ben Tasker Updated file headers for PHPCRED-10
5453368 Ben Tasker Updated LICENSE and README for PHPCRED-10
01cd6b6 bentasker Untracking incomplete upgrade script
2ab319d bentasker Minor changes
842e2db bentasker Added ability to change keylength. See #25
b5c7a37 bentasker Added Glyphicon for restricted items
ac068c7 bentasker Improved URL display for portrait mobile devices
bc06267 bentasker Added auto-select to displayed creds for easy cop…
f33eb73 bentasker Tweaking mobile layout slightly
0b7cfd7 bentasker Fix for #39
57cf46d bentasker Fixed comment storage when first adding credentia…
d97cdb0 bentasker Fixed SSL/TLS incompatability in API Response. Se…
14ae788 bentasker Fixed SSL/TLS incompatability in views. See #37
39bf8cc bentasker Fixed SSL/TLS incompatability. See #37
bddbd65 bentasker Improved password storage schema
4fdc287 bentasker Implemented BCrypt support
b244e4a bentasker First stages of SessionKey storage implemented
7dbcaf2 bentasker Fixed Tooltip styling
294a144 bentasker Added inline TLS capabilities. See #34
079076b Ben Tasker Added display tooltip for comments - See #33
ac905b6 Ben Tasker Added support for editing comment - See #33
bc04d45 Ben Tasker Support for comment attachment added to Add form …
5a8ea07 Ben Tasker Fixed syntax error in groupSelection
5cb9490 Ben Tasker Updated gitignore
b648fa7 Ben Tasker Fixed SQL syntax error
db10dbd Ben Tasker Adjusted DB Installer to include comment field
4d5998f Ben Tasker Fixed logout/login bug
b33f89c Ben Tasker A few small fixes
abc12ad Ben Tasker Credentials can now be hidden from the customer
d10ce52 Ben Tasker Added support for displaying more than 1 of each …
64bf9a1 Ben Tasker Customer Portal now supports viewing of own crede…
64a6a80 bentasker Fix for #31
bdaf36b bentasker Email address no longer used in Audit log when ac…
9f7eb8b bentasker Portal adds ID to session for use in Logging. See…
f414ee9 bentasker CustomerPortal handling added to menus. See #32
75f7029 bentasker Customer can now log into the Portal, but can't s…
9b167fa bentasker Portal details updated when customer record is up…
4e56590 bentasker Begun implementing framework for Customer login p…
a421fa6 bentasker Added second pass on TLS
9067bd5 bentasker Untracking zip file
5d0114c bentasker Finished testing, V1 ready
326b689 bentasker Fix for #30 and updating Readme file
7c49c71 bentasker Untracking un-necessary config file
3deb6bd bentasker Fixing a few things found whilst setting up demo
3ebae2d bentasker Untracking paid plugin
0d4d1d8 bentasker Fix for #29 and a few other fixes
8fea3f7 bentasker Tidying entry points
173536a bentasker Tidying function headContents
9e058d7 bentasker Finishing what I started in 3f2f035
3f2f035 bentasker Needs Finishing: Tweaks to new Resources plugin t…
97b9082 bentasker A number of minor fixes
4bd8493 bentasker Untracking a few bits
fa31e7b bentasker Template tweaks for mobile. See #14
b7a8c56 bentasker Tweaking for mobiles, see #14
f95e6dc bentasker Minifying. See #24
f6f618a bentasker Entropy Tweaks
6a9b731 bentasker Implementing TLS config setting for future versio…
ce6142d bentasker About page updated. See #15
4155e35 bentasker Added crypto indicator to groups. see #27
ffff4a1 bentasker Interface tweaks to the Installer
ebf72ff bentasker Updated database schema in readiness for future g…
2e888e9 bentasker Few tweaks to the plugins system
b2dd243 bentasker A few interface tweaks
f3fb99d bentasker Adding jquery tooltip css globally
3dc7ac4 bentasker Added Drupal Support to AutoAuth and implemented …
dcfd6cb Ben Tasker UNTESTED: TLS added to AddCustomer. See #23
db51eb6 Ben Tasker Prevented cron script from killing htaccess file
e77a9ab Ben Tasker Added password generating JS
3348ece Ben Tasker AutoAuth plugin now opens linked site in new wind…
7783904 bentasker Tightening protection against XSS. See #10
56767d2 bentasker Minor tweaks to output buffering
9f0a134 bentasker TLS added to Password Change page - See #23
4dd10c4 bentasker TLS added to EditCred page - See #23
d1d735c bentasker TLS added to AddCred page - See #23
6b70253 Ben Tasker Adding WordPress settings to AutoAuth Readme
6fc96dd Ben Tasker minor fix to KeyFile and added notification strin…
0bf2fc3 Ben Tasker Improved form validation and reminified admin.js
0ab4077 Ben Tasker Users limited to only seeing groups they are a me…
21d6d95 Ben Tasker Rectifying issue with a numb-nuts who can't get f…
159e91a Ben Tasker Implementing changes for #26
6e3fa9c bentasker Minifying a few files - see #24
464ac1e bentasker Base64 and string padding reduce if using SSL con…
ffd0746 bentasker TLS automatically disables if using SSL connectio…
2700dc0 bentasker Seperated key used for autehntication - see #23
60ab60f bentasker Removed the need for a page refresh when handling…
cc27854 Ben Tasker Added output buffering to keyfile (to allow for g…
35181e5 Ben Tasker Added error handling for obfuscated verbs. See #23
58f5111 Ben Tasker Randomising obfuscated API verb length. See #23
f40227f Ben Tasker Implementing API request verb obfuscation - See #…
4ca8bee bentasker See #23. Upped Xore key length as cae0ac5 dramati…
1f841ab bentasker Preparing for next round of TLS enhancements. See…
556b6fd bentasker Added 'use minify' option to bootstrap - see #24
eb2b0ce bentasker All API responses encrypted - See #23
30efcc1 bentasker API calls now encrypted - See #23