Tweaking for mobiles, see #14
[PHPCredLocker.git] / modules / menu / menu.php
bentasker Tweaking for mobiles, see #14
bentasker Begun Implementing 'about' page for #15
bentasker Resolved dissappearing user menu on smaller scree…
bentasker Created navbar login form
Ben Tasker Moved Search-table to seperate module to prevent …
Ben Tasker Code tidy, see #3
bentasker Moved search table into seperate file. Still need…
bentasker Made everything but Plugins and Creds searchable …
bentasker Correction of search Implementation, See Issue #2
bentasker UNTESTED - Implementation of #2
bentasker Creating Search Module
bentasker Partially implemented support for object renaming
bentasker Implemented view by CredType
Ben Tasker Implementing autoselect of crypto function and pr…
bentasker Basic User Management
bentasker first full commit