Portal details updated when customer record is updated. See #32
[PHPCredLocker.git] / lib / output.php
bentasker Portal details updated when customer record is up…
bentasker Fixing a few things found whilst setting up demo
bentasker Tidying function headContents
bentasker Needs Finishing: Tweaks to new Resources plugin t…
bentasker A number of minor fixes
bentasker Template tweaks for mobile. See #14
bentasker Adding jquery tooltip css globally
bentasker Minifying a few files - see #24
Ben Tasker Added error handling for obfuscated verbs. See #23
bentasker Added 'use minify' option to bootstrap - see #24
bentasker Sesscheck only fires if user logged in
Ben Tasker Added padding to frustrate known plaintext attack…
Ben Tasker Fixed redirect issue on session expiration
Ben Tasker Moved Bootstrap from template into project
bentasker General code tidy. Improved keylength for TLS - S…
Ben Tasker Just tidying a few things. Code needs a good goin…
Ben Tasker Implemented JS to deal with unavailable key file
Ben Tasker Added session based hash to info.php call to forc…
bentasker Moved key generation to a single, cached, file to…
bentasker Adding tooltips
bentasker Implementing session monitor script for #8
bentasker Added function setPageTitle - See #7
bentasker Changed GoogleAPIs URLs to use https - see #6
Ben Tasker Code tidy, see #3
bentasker Correction of search Implementation, See Issue #2
bentasker Tidying installer functions See #1
bentasker Finalising Install Functionality
bentasker Moving Entropy data to seperate CSS file and impl…
bentasker Implemented support for template level overrides …
Ben A few basic tweaks
bentasker Enforcing User Password Strength Requirements
bentasker Basic User Management
bentasker first full commit