622e731 Ben Tasker Adjusted notification class to ensure counts are … master
20fda47 Ben Tasker Prevented buffering of messages which will not be…
f890c98 Ben Tasker Set memory limit to 256M. See PHPCBA-4
c5efbc8 Ben Tasker Correcting typo in comment
615f765 Ben Tasker Tweaked debug text
195c33e Ben Tasker Removed file/directory paths from memory once che…
307dd0d Ben Tasker Extended time limit on a per file basis. See PHPC…
b24cca4 Ben Tasker Unloaded the additional_files config file from me…
bf81f2c Ben Tasker Basic per-request signature implemented to ease d…
8fd716b B Tasker Added support for the ignorechange flag. See PHPC…
c60eba5 B Tasker Removed test values from default config
c45d54a B Tasker Reduced error reporting
e03022a bentasker Updating README
2890f8b bentasker Updating file headers
67bf667 bentasker Untracking testing authkey - no longer valid
ff0ab96 bentasker Removing old README
3961003 bentasker Added README to DB folder
3fd52c4 Ben Tasker Initial commit
5e6901a bentasker Added client support for editserver
2576818 bentasker Implemented Security Key addition through CLI
8b210ed bentasker Tweaks
6ce08e1 bentasker Session now opens through Admin API
82f0a6b bentasker Testing changes
9b6bc29 Ben Tasker Added rmserver option
b0d5c32 bentasker Bugfixes
f234bc9 bentasker Screen clears after password input for update
b6cb504 bentasker Screen clears after password input in admin
1fabf0e bentasker Defined progpath
dd681d8 bentasker Finished addserver functionality and added listse…
40742a7 Ben Tasker Added PHP Libraries include path to default check
e7c5b1c bentasker Started implementing remote configuration interfa…
0955856 bentasker Added License file
72a8b8a bentasker Bugfix for updfile and missing argv indexes
036de82 bentasker Improved handling of failed hash updates
c898e51 bentasker Implemented block processing for hash updates
6a6315b bentasker Implemented block processing for hash checks
27074ce bentasker Added comment
ade7dae bentasker Tweaked file check order for pre-configured checks
122b0c4 bentasker Bugfix for hash checking
3b9fd03 bentasker Minor bugfixes following testing
291c304 Ben Tasker Added support for audit session ID
6745b3d Ben Tasker Added timestamp to requests
fe43ac8 bentasker Prevented repeat loop when authkey missing
b45d985 bentasker Minor tweaks. Commented code
b0f9ae8 bentasker Implementing remote hashing support
5268533 Ben Tasker Added debug notifications
4ae3096 Ben Tasker Updating Remotehashes class
a4b220a Ben Tasker Moved libraries to seperate folder and created re…
780fc87 Ben Tasker Started designing remote hashes option
d6ef918 Ben Tasker Added mail notification option
188f957 Ben Tasker Added support for updating hash for single file
99519c5 Ben Tasker Added support for specification of additional fil…
165f7d7 Ben Tasker Added de-structor
6dcabe8 Ben Tasker Preparing for implementation of mail notifications
98f35f8 Ben Tasker Codestyle fixes and implemented command line opti…
09a26a5 Ben Tasker Updated gitignore to ignore test db files
bb4b128 Ben Tasker Basic features implemented
e83b003 Ben Tasker Setting up repo