LOC-2 Implemented user password storage
author B Tasker
committer B Tasker
commit b27c039a069fa2112c0eba7f743f80b8fbe70480
tree 914af6898bf4cd648db662c21f9523775587a2e3
parent fd44f9a4b0c33ed4126ee198fb2783a10d8ac473
LOC-2 Implemented user password storage

* The backend now stores a (bcrypt) hash of a user's password.
* When a room is created, a hash of the owner's password is also inserted into the invite table so that they can join the room

Currently, the password isn't actually needed to join (that's the next step)

Within the client, when a room is created output is generated to show how to join the room. This commit amends that output to include the admin user's password, for example

To join the room, do /join BenTest123 SD8WXY1OKC39CI0Y:QCVN7CEPUCHAQU2S ben

The first section (i.e. before :) of that password is the room password (so will be used for the E2E encryption). The second half is the users password.

When invites are generated (this doesn't yet happen) the generated output will differ only in the second half of the password and the username to sign in as.