Revert "Switch help and exit to /help /exit"
Revert "Switch help and exit to /help /exit"

This reverts commit aa70a32fd145be2c47df66bce28c27886964fc86.

 Binary files a/client/ and /dev/null differ
--- a/client/
+++ b/client/
@@ -459,7 +459,7 @@
 similar to cmd.Cmd in standard library
 just extend with do_something  method to handle your commands"""
-    def __init__(self,quit_commands=['/q','/quit','/exit'], help_commands=['/help','/?', '/h']):
+    def __init__(self,quit_commands=['q','quit','exit'], help_commands=['help','?', 'h']):
@@ -629,11 +629,6 @@
             /ban [user]                                                 Kick a user out and disinvite them (they cannot return)
             /room close [roompass]                                      Kick all users out and close the room
-            /help                                                       Print this info
-            /exit                                                       Exit the client
             Once in a room, to send a message, just type it.