descriptionA small script to catch JIRA webhook events and send notifications/run custom code
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c9c4aec Ben Tasker Prevented sending of empty emails on unrecognised… master
eb8f078 B Tasker Added support for jira:issue_updated events. See …
f592db3 Ben Tasker Implemented ability to refresh a JiraHTML project…
264b981 Ben Tasker Allowed sites with self-signed certs to be called…
98734ec Ben Tasker URL request action tested and working, see JWL-5
66fc210 Ben Tasker Updated gitignore to ignore changes to live confi…
c6cbaaa Ben Tasker Started creating urlrequest action. See JWL-5
7e51f94 Ben Tasker Test commit to test mail sending for JWL-4
0028a76 Ben Tasker Various bugfixes for JWL-4
330681b Ben Tasker Bugfix - fixing syntax error
63ae5e2 Ben Tasker Interim commit to allow testing of PoC email acti…
c14adb5 Ben Tasker Added config values for custom URLs. See JWL-3
0cea028 Ben Tasker Renamed config file to prevent overwriting of liv…
4dcfa48 Ben Tasker Implemented base code structure. See JWL-1
1926879 Ben Tasker Setting up Repo. See RIM-50
6930aee Ben Tasker Initial commit