descriptionA simple script to generate HTML pages containing JIRA Issues
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aff65b6 Ben Tasker Added missing break master
b6b5bf1 Ben Tasker Adjusted redirect URL to be relative. See JILS-45
f25ccf4 Ben Tasker Created page for movedissues. JILS-45
8386050 Ben Tasker Implemented check for moved issue. See JILS-45
8072935 Ben Tasker Created movedissues page for JILS-45
6dcbe77 Ben Tasker Shortened ETags to achieve NGinx compatability. S…
d4cf7f1 Ben Tasker *sigh* see…
b249ebf Ben Tasker Introduced Etag/Last-mod/Reval support to project…
b2c15d7 Ben Tasker Added Etag/last-Mod/Reval support to component pa…
dab74a1 Ben Tasker Relocated revalidation block
55842ed Ben Tasker Implemented revalidation support on versions page…
e554645 Ben Tasker Simplified ETag generation. See JILS-41
35dbf8e Ben Tasker Removed unnecessary line from query
f333c21 Ben Tasker Adjusted Last-Mod query to factor in 'Known Issue…
7f9b54f Ben Tasker Started implementing E-Tag/Last-Mod support for v…
3f911cf Ben Tasker Forced HTTP Dates to be GMT. See JILS-41