0c619a4 Ben Tasker Simplifying legacy args handling
0177e22 Ben Tasker Updated README for HLS-7
613a9b9 Ben Tasker Implemented getopt support, maintaining B/C for H…
c45eba6 Ben Tasker Added link to JIRA mirror to readme
a6ee518 Ben Tasker Merge pull request #6 from ironsmile/single-ffmpe…
4409240 Doychin Atanasov FFMPEG will be called only once
ed2e7b0 Ben Tasker Made it easier to wrap the script with another BA…
c81e4d5 Ben Tasker Merge pull request #5 from ndamiens/master
050b741 Nicolas Damiens test executable defined in var $FFMPEG
f916463 Ben Tasker Merge pull request #4 from egyptianbman/master
27ad116 Beshoy Girgis Allowed inputfile to be a path.
e46cae9 Ben Tasker Added output parameter to README
42e7d7c Ben Tasker Merge pull request #3 from scips/output-directory…
796a377 Sébastien Barbieri added support for a third parameter: Output direc…
5d9e4f4 Ben Tasker Merge pull request #2 from MiguelAngelLV/master
1d74a44 Miguel Ángel Changed let by expr
01a18d1 bentasker Fixing example by inserting breaks
03a8dd2 bentasker Fixing example by removing CRLF
9ccbdd7 bentasker Escaping hashes
10116bb bentasker Basic functionality implemented
5a0955e bentasker Updating readme
7ebcea8 bentasker Updating README - fully expect to have to correct…
4fd28a0 bentasker Preliminary checks implemented
c10f2ac bentasker Added basic file structure
663c83e bentasker Created gitignore
f1ada9e Ben Tasker Initial commit