Merge branch 'FRHLS-8' of /home/ben/Documents/src.old/HLS-Stream-Creator
[HLS-Stream-Creator.git] /
Ben Tasker Added basic support for linear video. See HLS-8
Ben Tasker Added a notification that transcoding has started
Ben Tasker Simplifying legacy args handling
Ben Tasker Implemented getopt support, maintaining B/C for H…
Doychin Atanasov FFMPEG will be called only once
Ben Tasker Made it easier to wrap the script with another BA…
Nicolas Damiens test executable defined in var $FFMPEG
Beshoy Girgis Allowed inputfile to be a path.
Sébastien Barbieri added support for a third parameter: Output direc…
Miguel Ángel Changed let by expr
bentasker Basic functionality implemented
bentasker Preliminary checks implemented
bentasker Added basic file structure