10c345a B Tasker Add timestamps to output master
cb951a5 B Tasker Output how long a client was tarpitted for
17cbcd6 B Tasker Correct command
788eb18 B Tasker Correct repo link
8aa37a3 B Tasker Update with details of how to run on a Pi (guess …
804bd20 B Tasker Update README and comments
3b645ca B Tasker Add README, File header and License
02bba50 B Tasker Run as an unprivileged user
5397953 B Tasker Create basic dockerfile to run the tarpit in a co…
820ef70 B Tasker Fix whitespace
a73fb2e B Tasker Detect when the client gives up, and close the co…
2dd86a2 B Tasker Output who we're tarpitting
219866d B Tasker Oops, remove unused function.
d03da2b B Tasker Randomise the length of the strings we output on …
0d0c059 B Tasker Randomise the delay between responses a bit
a405781 B Tasker Don't re-seed on each iteration
375eecf B Tasker Add initial implementation.