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This site contains a backup copy of my Github repos. Most are better viewed there if it's available.

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Project Description Owner Last Change Actions
mod_bgithub_feed.git Simple Joomla module to embed a list of a user's repositories into a Joomla! based web site ben,,, (no description) ben,,,
mod_lotto.git Simple Joomla module for displaying UK Lottery Results ben,,,
nginx-cache-inspector.git Script that allows to inspect the Nginx cache ben,,,
nginx_log_actions.git NGinx Log Actions is a small processing script designed to read in an NGinx access log and perform custom actions on a per domain basis. ben,,,
dns-over-https.git High performance DNS over HTTPS client & server ben,,,
dillinger.git The last Markdown editor, ever. ben,,,
Wake-On-Lan-Python.git A small Python script to allow the sending of a WOL Magic packet ben,,,
adblocklists.git I've been running my own AdblockPlus/UblockOrigin list for a while, but wanted to start recording why certain domains were blocked. So moving into a repo for that purpose ben,,,
csprng-experimentation.git (no description) ben,,,
dict2xml2.git Simple library to convert a native Python dictionary into XML - Forked to allow creation of Invalid XML for another project ben,,,
notify-webhook-pivotal-tracker.git Git post-receive web hook notifier in Python for Pivotal Tracker ben,,,
pbt_cli.git A CLI for interacting with ben,,, (no description) ben,,, Watch videos from the anime platform on Kodi ben,,,
snippets_cli.git (no description) ben,,,
testproject.git Nothing of value lives here, I used this repo when I need a commit to test something or other ben,,,
twitter_bearer_key.git Cheat script to generate a bearer key for Twitter using OAUth ben,,,
plg_send_custom_header.git (no description) ben,,,
plg_obrss_Joomshopping.git A plugin to ObRSS to allow RSS feeds of JoomShopping products. No longer under active development ben,,,
pgp_public_keys.git (no description) ben,,,
phpcredlockerpi_utilityscripts.git (no description) ben,,,
plg_com_content_trackback.git (no description) ben,,,
plg_fake_ip.git (no description) ben,,,
Video-Scripts.git Collection of my scripts ben,,,
URLBrand.git URLBrand is a small PHP Project allowing for the generation of short URLs (so long as you have a short domain name to use). ben,,,
Golang-SSH-Tarpit.git (no description) ben,,,
Git.php.git A PHP git library ben,,,
HLS-Muxing-Cluster-Example-Code.git (no description) ben,,,
HLS-Stream-Creator.git Simple Bash Script to take a media file, segment it and create an M3U8 playlist for serving using HLS ben,,,
HomePlugAV_Crypto_bypass_exploit.git (no description) ben,,,
DNSChat.git A simple proof of concept ben,,,
ChopChop.git ChopChop is a CLI for scanning endpoints and identifying exposition of services/files/folders through the webroot. ben,,,
BASH-Haystack-Generator.git (no description) ben,,,
BackupEncryptionScripts.git Simple BASH scripts for encrypting backups ben,,,
BashPwdGen.git A (very) Simple Bash Password Generator ben,,,
BrowserSettingsOverrides.git Just a copy of the various overrides I push into Chrome and Firefox after a new install ben,,,
Homeplug_Neighbouring_STA_Audit.git (no description) ben,,,
Jira-Issue-Listing.git A simple script to generate HTML pages containing JIRA Issues ben,,,
PiDVR.git Creating a RaspberryPi based DVR with a variety of ingest options ben,,,
PHPCredLocker.git PHPCredLocker is a secure web-based repository for credentials. Intended for teams who need to share credentials, the system aims to store all content securely ben,,,
Python_HomeplugAV_Examples.git (no description) ben,,,
RaspbPiVPNRoutingMgr.git (no description) ben,,,
RemoveAMP.git A small script to be pulled in by Greasemonkey, attempting to locate non AMP versions of pages and direct the user there ben,,,
PHPChangedBinaries.git Simple PHP script to compare current checksum of system files against a previously stored value ben,,,
PHP-GPX-Ingest.git Simple class to ingest a basic GPX file and extract data/stats from it ben,,,
Jira-Webhook-Listener.git A small script to catch JIRA webhook events and send notifications/run custom code ben,,,
Joomla-Most-Popular.git Joomla package to display a list of the most popular articles within a date range. ben,,,
LocalChat.git Localchat is a simple and lightweight chat application. It's primary purpose is to provide a means to have a multi-user Off-The-Record transient chat ben,,,
PCAPAnalyseandReport.git (no description) ben,,,
AdmiraList.git A text-based list of 600+ Admiral domains ben,,,