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This site contains a backup copy of my Github repos. Most are better viewed there if it's available.

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Project Description Owner Last Change Actions
BASH-Haystack-Generator.git (no description) ben,,,
Golang-SSH-Tarpit.git (no description) ben,,,
HLS-Muxing-Cluster-Example-Code.git (no description) ben,,,
HomePlugAV_Crypto_bypass_exploit.git (no description) ben,,,
Homeplug_Neighbouring_STA_Audit.git (no description) ben,,,
PCAPAnalyseandReport.git (no description) ben,,,
Python_HomeplugAV_Examples.git (no description) ben,,,
RaspbPiVPNRoutingMgr.git (no description) ben,,,
csprng-experimentation.git (no description) ben,,, (no description) ben,,,
pgp_public_keys.git (no description) ben,,,
phpcredlockerpi_utilityscripts.git (no description) ben,,,
plg_com_content_trackback.git (no description) ben,,,
plg_fake_ip.git (no description) ben,,,
plg_send_custom_header.git (no description) ben,,, (no description) ben,,,
snippets_cli.git (no description) ben,,,
BashPwdGen.git A (very) Simple Bash Password Generator ben,,,
pbt_cli.git A CLI for interacting with ben,,,
Git.php.git A PHP git library ben,,,
plg_obrss_Joomshopping.git A plugin to ObRSS to allow RSS feeds of JoomShopping products. No longer under active development ben,,,
DNSChat.git A simple proof of concept ben,,,
Jira-Issue-Listing.git A simple script to generate HTML pages containing JIRA Issues ben,,,
Wake-On-Lan-Python.git A small Python script to allow the sending of a WOL Magic packet ben,,,
RemoveAMP.git A small script to be pulled in by Greasemonkey, attempting to locate non AMP versions of pages and direct the user there ben,,,
Jira-Webhook-Listener.git A small script to catch JIRA webhook events and send notifications/run custom code ben,,,
AdmiraList.git A text-based list of 600+ Admiral domains ben,,,
twitter_bearer_key.git Cheat script to generate a bearer key for Twitter using OAUth ben,,,
ChopChop.git ChopChop is a CLI for scanning endpoints and identifying exposition of services/files/folders through the webroot. ben,,,
Video-Scripts.git Collection of my scripts ben,,,
PiDVR.git Creating a RaspberryPi based DVR with a variety of ingest options ben,,,
notify-webhook-pivotal-tracker.git Git post-receive web hook notifier in Python for Pivotal Tracker ben,,,
dns-over-https.git High performance DNS over HTTPS client & server ben,,,
adblocklists.git I've been running my own AdblockPlus/UblockOrigin list for a while, but wanted to start recording why certain domains were blocked. So moving into a repo for that purpose ben,,,
Joomla-Most-Popular.git Joomla package to display a list of the most popular articles within a date range. ben,,,
BrowserSettingsOverrides.git Just a copy of the various overrides I push into Chrome and Firefox after a new install ben,,,
LocalChat.git Localchat is a simple and lightweight chat application. It's primary purpose is to provide a means to have a multi-user Off-The-Record transient chat ben,,,
nginx_log_actions.git NGinx Log Actions is a small processing script designed to read in an NGinx access log and perform custom actions on a per domain basis. ben,,,
testproject.git Nothing of value lives here, I used this repo when I need a commit to test something or other ben,,,
PHPCredLocker.git PHPCredLocker is a secure web-based repository for credentials. Intended for teams who need to share credentials, the system aims to store all content securely ben,,,
nginx-cache-inspector.git Script that allows to inspect the Nginx cache ben,,,
BackupEncryptionScripts.git Simple BASH scripts for encrypting backups ben,,,
HLS-Stream-Creator.git Simple Bash Script to take a media file, segment it and create an M3U8 playlist for serving using HLS ben,,,
mod_lotto.git Simple Joomla module for displaying UK Lottery Results ben,,,
mod_bgithub_feed.git Simple Joomla module to embed a list of a user's repositories into a Joomla! based web site ben,,,
PHPChangedBinaries.git Simple PHP script to compare current checksum of system files against a previously stored value ben,,,
PHP-GPX-Ingest.git Simple class to ingest a basic GPX file and extract data/stats from it ben,,,
dict2xml2.git Simple library to convert a native Python dictionary into XML - Forked to allow creation of Invalid XML for another project ben,,,
dillinger.git The last Markdown editor, ever. ben,,,
URLBrand.git URLBrand is a small PHP Project allowing for the generation of short URLs (so long as you have a short domain name to use). ben,,, Watch videos from the anime platform on Kodi ben,,,